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Beginning Yoga at

Sacred Nature Studio

Sacred Nature Studio aims to make starting a yoga practice as welcoming, comfortable, and encouraging as possible. We have everything you need to practice, whether you're joining us for a chair yoga class, restorative practice, or options like pre-natal yoga or Qi Gong with Tai Chi, so all you have to do is sign up, pre-register for the class you'd like to attend, and come in 15 minutes before your first class to get introduced to the teacher and space.

Please be sure to share any concerns you have! You are always encouraged to honor your own pace and limitations for a safe and successful practice. 

It's time to make Your Health a Priority Again

Congratulations on choosing to learn more about yoga! There are an endless number of amazing benefits to starting a yoga practice, and we're excited for you to join our community and studio to experience them. Taking the first steps can be overwhelming, and we're here to help.

5 Great Things to Know about Yoga

1. You don't have to be fit or flexible to do it

2. There are a million ways to do "yoga" no matter your starting point

3. There are different ways to practice depending on how you feel and what you need on any day

4. Yoga is very accessible when taught skillfully

5. Yoga is for Everybody and it

meets you where you are

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The Benefit of a Studio Practice

Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

The Sacred Nature Studio Schedule is organized by the tenets of traditional Hatha style Yoga. "Hatha" is a blend of two Sanskrit words that translate as the balance of effort and ease. It is our mission to provide our students with the options that empower them to build better life-balance through a thoughtful yoga practice. Here, you'll find both active, strengthening, and clarifying classes, and soothing, nurturing, gentle classes to choose from. Classes that are easiest for beginner students and those looking for a relaxed practice are marked* with an asterisk. 

HA Classes (Active, Strengthening, Clarifying)

All Levels

Taught in a way that it is accessible to all experience levels, All Levels yoga welcomes all practitioners to enjoy an invigorating movement class with a warm up, standing sequence, and guided relaxation. Modifications are always offered and encouraged, and advanced options may be suggested for our experienced practitioners. 

Yoga 2

Yoga 2 is an advanced movement class that is recommended for students with at least 6 months of regular studio class experience. This class will provide more complex poses and transitions, longer holds, fewer cues, and additional optional elements like pranayama (breathwork), mantra (chanting), and use of Sanskrit. While modifications are always offered and encouraged, Yoga 2 is most accessible for those with more experience and stamina, and those looking to deepen their experience with subtle introspection.

Vinyasa Flow (1)

Vinyasa means “to place in a special way,” and Flow classes encourage mindfulness by aligning movement with each breath in and out. Vinyasa Flow is similar to an All-Levels practice, with additional sequences like Sun Salutations and repetitive movements or exercises that build breath awareness. Resting when necessary is strongly encouraged, all levels welcome.


Mindful Slow Flow (2)

When you slow down a Flow class, you find a practice that is as inspiring as it is challenging. Taught for students of all levels of experience, Mindful Slow Flow requires students to maintain a slow pace of both movement and breath throughout the practice. This can make the class feel more demanding, and more introspective! Modifications and opportunities for rest are always offered and encouraged, all levels welcome.

Fire Flow Power(3)

Sacred Nature’s Fire Flow is akin to an energizing Power Yoga class, with stretches, exercises, and poses that focus on building heat, clarity, and endurance within the body. This challenging class will include core-strengthening exercises, longer holds, more intense flows, and sequences that encourage muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. The practice culminates in a balancing restorative rest period. Note: This is NOT a heated Yoga Class.

Lunch Break Vinyasa Flow

This specialty flow class is a standard vinyasa-style practice that is appropriate for all levels of experience, but is for the perfect mid-day pick me up and tension release. With 45 minutes of intentional and balancing movement, this practice culminates in an optional 15 minute meditation practice to ease stress and rejuvenate for the rest of the day. 

Gentle Classes

THA Classes (Gentle, Rejuvenating, Accessible)

Yoga 1*

This slower paced class offers more instructional cueing, many modifications for accessibility, and is a great option for building skill, endurance, and better alignment. This is the perfect class for yoga beginners, for those making their way back to the mat, and for anyone seeking balance through nurturing mindful movement.

Gentle Stretch and Strengthen*

This “Gentle Yoga” mat class is an incredible complement to the physical and mental demands of a busy schedule. By focusing on simple stretches, accessible yoga poses, and easy exercises, we can relieve tension and maintain functional mobility without stress and strain. This is a great class for beginners, for those returning to the mat after injury, and for anyone seeking to balance the demands of a hectic schedule.

Restorative Sound Bath*

Restorative Sound Bath is identical to our Restorative Yoga class, but includes the ethereal sounds of crystal singing bowls. Props like blankets, bolsters, and blocks are used to fully support deep relaxation in 5-7 accessible poses, and the resonating tones of the instruments played throughout can produce a profound sense of tranquility and rejuvenation. Open to all levels of experience. (Sound may be agitating to those with sensory or sound sensitivities; contact us for clarity if this is a concern.)

Gentle and Restorative*

This relaxing mat class fuses the best of a gentle floor class with the intentional rest of restorative poses. Students can expect simple stretches, exercises and poses in the first half of class to help release the tensions of the day, while a series of long-held and fully restorative poses in the second half helps tone and rejuvenate the nervous system. This is a great class for beginners, for those returning to the mat after injury, and for anyone seeking to balance the demands of a hectic schedule.

Sacred Nature Nidra*

Yoga Nidra means "Yogic Sleep," and this class offers students the rejuvenating power of deep rest. After some gentle movement (some standing, some kneeling) and soothing breath practices (seated), the class culminates with a 1/2 hour guided relaxation that can leave you feeling more balanced, connected, and aware. Open to all experience levels; for the best experience, avoid caffeine or large meals for at least 2 hours before practice.

Chair Yoga*

Chair Yoga offers all of the benefits of a mat practice with the aid and support of a chair as a yoga prop. Simple movements and exercises help stretch and strengthen the body while encouraging balance, increased range-of-motion, and functional mobility. Sequences will be performed seated or standing, with plenty of modifications for excellent accessibility. This class is great for yoga beginners, for students returning to movement or exercise after injury or a time away, and for anyone looking to balance a demanding lifestyle with intentional support.

Omni-Natal Yoga*

This gentle and accessible class is nourishing and empowering to those in both pre-natal and post-partum phases of life. Poses and sequences are taught with many modifications to safely support confidence, stability, and recovery through all "four" trimesters of pregnancy, delivery, and post-pregnancy care. If you have any concerns about omni-natal yoga being appropriate for your condition, please obtain your physician's clearance and contact us with questions.

Qigong with Tai Chi*

Each class will include healing postures, slow graceful movements, tapping (Wei gong), specific breathing practices, guided imagery or visualization, and sounds that correlate to specific organs. Some exercises may require more dynamic movements or greater balance, so modifications will be offered, and students are encouraged to work within their capacity. Sitting is always an option. Anticipate a beautiful practice that is at once physically, mentally, and spiritually moving!

Yin and Yang Yoga*

Yin and Yang Yoga incorporates tenets of the strengthening exercises of traditional yoga with the long holds familiar in a Yin practice. The soothing “Yin” element of this class encourages surrender of mental noise and nourishes energy meridians, and the strengthening “Yang” activity results in stronger, more stable joints. This class is appropriate for all levels, but the strengthening exercises and long holds can be challenging, so working within your limits, use of supportive props, and resting when necessary is encouraged.

Common Questions

Common Questions

Are there different kinds of yoga?

Yes! There are many different movement styles in Yoga. Some like Ashtanga are more athletic and challenging, Vinyasa-Styles are more active and flowing, Bikram-style is regimented and heated, and others like Hatha-style are more accessible and encouraging for a large number of students and conditions. As Sacred Nature Studio, we offer Hatha and Vinaya Style Yoga. 

What's a class like?

Yoga classes are typically 60 minutes, and include some centering, exercises and movements to warm up, a standing or central sequence, some floor poses, and end with about 10 minutes guided relaxation and rest. Classes may spend a minute or two observing silence before closing class.

When Should I Arrive?

It's helpful for you to arrive 10-15 minutes before the scheduled start time of a class, because it gives you a chance to check in with the teacher and make sure you're settled in and prepared on time. Late arrival disrupts the class experience and you may be denied entry.

What is Studio Etiquette?

  • PLEASE Pre-Register for Class. This lets the teacher know to expect you and frees them to greet students rather than process your registration and payment at a busy time

  • Please remove and stow your shoes and belongings to maintain a clean practice space

  • *SILENCE your phone (not just on vibrate) to eliminate disruptions

  • Avoid walking on others' mats please!

  • Be mindful of strong scents, oils, and perfumes

  • Do your best to respect your teacher's intentional sequencing

  • Please put away your props after class, and clean borrowed mats

  • Above all, don't skip Savasana! This resting pose at the end of each class is necessary to integrate the experience. 

What should I wear?

Because we move the body in a variety of directions, our students are most comfortable in lightweight, flexible clothing, like leggings, joggers, and tanks or tees. Practice is generally done barefoot for better traction on the mat, but you can wear socks if desired.

What if I'm not flexible or need help with balance?

You don't have to have flexibility or stamina to start a yoga practice! There are many options to meet you exactly where you are, and our skillful teachers provide many helpful modifications to make the poses and practices fit YOUR body. If your have concerns about a special condition or would be more comfortable starting with a one-on-one session, contact Jamie about Private Sessions.

What Should I Bring?

At Sacred Nature Studio, we supply all of the props you need for a supported, successful practice, including the mat! You are encouraged to bring a reusable water bottle or mug with lid (we have a lovely tea station and a filtered water dispenser), a towel for sweat depending on season, and an eye pillow or light covering for the eyes during the guided relaxation if desired. 

How can I prepare for Class?

It is best to avoid heavy meals or caffeine before attending a practice, to ensure digestion doesn't compromise your comfort. Otherwise, just pre-register for the class of your choice, and give yourself plenty of time to arrive on time.


Diverse Yoga Students Unrolling Mats

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