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Yoga Retreat

Your Home For
Traditional, Accessible Yoga

Come Nurture Your Nature!

At Sacred Nature, we offer a variety of Yoga and movement classes and workshops in the mornings, evenings, and on weekends to make starting or continuing your practice easy and convenient.  Every class, from Chair Yoga and Beginner Yoga to Tai Chi, All Levels, and Power Flow is also Live-streamed, so you have the option of tuning in from home or on the go!

Join us in our warm, nurturing, and LIVING studio full of beautiful plant life, encouraging teachers, and an incredible community. We can't wait to see you on the mat!

Feeling Disconnected?

Life today moves at an incredible pace, and it's getting harder to find the time and energy needed to recover from the demands on our attention and resources. We're more disconnected than ever before from the restorative power and intelligence of the natural world around us and alignment with the inherent wisdom within us. Sacred Nature Studio was created to offer an accessible and rejuvenating path back to balance, and we can't wait to welcome you to a class!

Sacred Nature is more than just a Yoga Studio

Sacred Nature Studio is an intentional wellness community, where everything from our warm, welcoming practice space and thoughtful class schedule to our caring and dedicated teaching team is mindfully cultivated to optimize your easy and graceful return to better health. We offer a balance of active and rejuvenating Hatha Yoga style classes, including beginner yoga, chair yoga,  All Levels, Restorative Sound Bath, Gentle Yoga, Pre-Natal Yoga, and options like Vinyasa flow, Fire Flow Power Yoga, Qi Gong with Tai Chi, and more. 

We invite and encourage you to honor what you need to balance your life on any given day, whether that happens to be

effort or ease.

See Classes Now
Fort Myers Yoga--Monstera Leaf Nature Space

Find the balance You Need

Naturally Supportive

Our beautiful and serene practice space creates the perfect bridge between your busy lifestyle and the balance your body, mind, and spirit crave. Filled with abundant natural light and host to a family of lush, beautiful, living plants, join us to experience a true breath of fresh air in a room that is guaranteed to uplift your life, nurture your energy, and raise your vibration. We have everything you need for practice, so just pre-register for the class you need and show up!

Fort Myers Yoga--Entry Filled with Lush Plants

Serene, Uplifting Environment

Fort Myers Yoga-- Studio Yoga Props for Yoga Practice

All props available for support and accessibility

Teacher Profiles Coming Soon
Walking into Sacred Nature is like taking a calm, deep breath and releasing it slowly. The music, the live plants, the earthY colors make you feel like you are in the middle of a forest. There is a sense of community and shared let the outside world go and enter into a peaceful, sacred space. There is an abundance of class selections to meet the needs of people new to yoga and the more experienced yogi And the Class times make it easy to fit into varying work schedules.

SP, Fort Myers


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